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Sharing settings for AccountFile are “controlled by parent” (Account), but we want to be able to control them separately.
Last Updated 4 years ago

This requires an object file with a lookup relationship rather than a master-detail relationship. For this, we’re using Account as an example, but it can be done with any object.

To do this, go to S-Drive Configuration and go to the Customization Settings. Choose Account. In the Custom File ObjectName box, put the name you want to call this. Then click Generate File Object.

This will get you most of the way there, but you still need to add the relationship field to your new object. So go to the new object and create a new lookup field, called Parent that is a lookup to Account.

Then on your Account page in Lightning, edit the S-Drive component and change the file relationship field and parent field to the new names. Be sure to check the actual object name of the file object that was created. Underscores may be added. The parent field should be Parent__r.

If you set the new account file object to private in sharing settings, then the Share option will show up on files uploaded to Account via this new file object.

If you want to migrate your old Account Files to you new Account file object, you can export the Account Files using data loader and import them to the new account file object. The parent__c field needs to be mapped to the Account__c field and CreatedBy is mapped to OwnerId.

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