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How May I Generate Amazon Access Key and Secret Key?
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To activate S-Drive, you need to have your Amazon Access Key and Amazon Secret Key information.
To generate your keys, you need to have an Amazon Web Services (AWS) account with an Amazon Simple Storage (S3) subscription.
If you did not create AWS and S3 accounts yet, follow the instructions in Sign Up for Amazon Services: AWS and S3, first.
You can follow below instructions to generate access and secret keys to use with S-Drive.
If you already have access key and secret key information please skip this tutorial and follow instructions in Activating S-Drive tutorial.
  • Go to and click Users from Dashboard on the left sidebar.
  • Sign in Amazon IAM with your Amazon credentials in the next screen.
  • Click Create New Users button. Enter username to be used (e.g. sdrivedemo). Make sure Generate an access key for each usercheckbox is selected and click Create button.
  • It will display success message. You can click Show User Security Credentials and see your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key. You can also download credentials as a text file by clicking Download Credentials button. Make sure you don’t forget these keys as there is no way to retrieve them again. You should not share these keys with untrusted people.
  • Now you need to give permissions to this user to access S3 service. Click Groups from Dashboard on the left sidebar.
  • Click Create New Group button. Give a group name (e.g. s3_access) and click Next Step button.
  • Click Amazon S3 Full Access item’s Select button in the Set Permissions screen. Review the Policy Name and the Policy Documentand click Next Step button. Click Create Group button.
  • Select Users from Dashboard on the left sidebar. Select the user you’ve created at the beginning of the tutorial (e.g. sdrivedemo) by clicking its checkbox. Click User Actions and select Add Users to Groups from the dropdown menu. Select group name that you’ve created (e.g. s3_access) by clicking its checkbox and click Add to Groups button.
  • Select Users from Dashboard on the left sidebar and click your user name. Make sure user is added to the s3_access group.
  • Now, you have your AWS account created, S3 service subscribed; Access Key and Secret Key are generated you can continue with the activation of the S-Drive through S-Drive Activation tutorial.

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